Gano Coal Mine

The Gano Mine was reported in the Fuller & Sturgeon Listing of Coal Mines in the Mahoning and Trumbull Counties State Records.  The mine likely originated in the 1880s but then lost their railroad connection (the Liberty & Vienna Railroad).  The Liberty & Vienna Railroad (later acquired by the Erie RR) which ran west of the mine, served a large number of underground coal mines.  This mine was likely the last underground coal enterprise in Trumbull County.

On Sunday, November 17, 1940 an accident resulting in a fatality occurred at the Gano Mine (State Number Trumbull-8).  A two-way lift cage crushed 49 year-old employee Albert Boyjrek of Buffalo, Ohio while the mine operator was installing a pump near the shaft at the 114 foot level of the mine.  About eight of the 80 employees working at the mine were in the level at the time.  A few others were working on the surface.

The Gano Coal Mine in July 1941.
Image contributed by Bob Smith.

The Gano Mine was located 300 feet west of Sodom-Hutchings Road and 250 feet north of Williams Drive, now a wooded area.

Above left: May 1938 ariel photo
Above right: 1962 USGS map

The above maps show the area of the Gano Mine.  The mine location is shown with a red dot.

The main shaft, 125 feet deep, was sealed by Ohio Department of Natural Resources in the 1970s.
The former site of the coal mine is marked by a bollard of steel and concrete 3 feet tall and 6 inches wide in diameter.

Photos of the site of the former Gano Coal Mine taken in 2020.
  The GPS coordinates of the bollard are 41.2183, -80.6378.
Images courtesy of  Bob Smith.

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