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Clock Industry

The clock industry in Trumbull County was active from 1812-1835.  There were known factories in Vienna, Brookfield, Warren, Howland, and Hartford.

Overextension of credit through mortgages, reduced demand for clocks, and an economic depression in the early 1830s essentially ended the clockmaking "boom" in Vienna and Trumbull County.

Known Clockmakers in Vienna
Lambert W. Lewis (circa 1815-1833)
Abraham Lewis & Levi Lewis (circa 1815-1827 or 1828)
Abel Tyler & Joel J. Hummason (7 months in 1818)
Ansel Merrell (1824-1831)
Phineas Deming & Thomas Lewis (1825 or 1827-1830)
Hart & Way (1831-1833)

Vienna Clock Peddlers
Daniel Andrews?
Matthew Atcheson?
Abraham Lane
Abraham Lewis
Lambert W. Lewis
Levi Lewis (Brookfield/Vienna)
Thomas Lewis
Roswell Lowry
Lester Marvin (Brookfield/Vienna)
Thomas Merritt (Fowler/Vienna)
Ezekial Meyer
Ruel Miller
Freeman Munson
Samuel Munson
Porter Newell
Russell Roberts
Asahel Scoville
Benjamin N. Scoville
Roswell Scoville
Allen S. Way?
Martin C. Way?
Charles Woodruff

Vienna Clock Dial Decorators
Phila Collins (Knowling)
Diana Deming Lewis
Hanna Lewis (Powers)
Miranda Lewis (Sherman)
Thomas Lewis
Martin Way

Stores that sold Clocks in Vienna
Norman Andrews (Payne's Corners)
George Cochran
Miller & Merrell
Isaac Powers

Clock Factory Workers in Trumbull County
Riley Alderman
Norman Andrews
Thomas K. Ballard
Reuben Blakeslee?
Moses Booth, Sr.
Moses Booth, Jr.?
Truman Booth?
Upson Budd
Henry Cherry
Phila Collins
Ogden Combs
Horace Cook
Phineas Deming
Isaac Flower II
Morgan Flower?
Cyrus Gridley
James Harkness
Morgan Hart
David R. Hartson
John Hartson
William H. Hartson
Richard S. Holton
Benjamin Hoyt
Daniel Humason
William Jackson
Orrin Johnson
Electra Jones
John Knowling
William Laird
Charles Lewis
Diana Deming Lewis
Hannah Lewis
Lambert W. Lewis
Levi Lewis
Marilla Lewis
Nathan Beach Lewis
Sanford Lewis
Thomas Lewis
Sophia Loomis
Clarissa Loomis (Curtiss)
Dwight McMaster
Schuyler McMaster
Ansel Merrell
Arad Merrell
Elijah Merrell
Thomas Merritt
Jacob DeWitt Merritt
Reuben Merritt
Ruel Miller
John Painter
George Patterson
Jehial Perkins
Amos Pitkin
Edmund Pitkin
James Pitman
Jeremiah Pitman
Isaac Powers
Asahel Scoville
Pardon Sherman
Azel Tracy
Robinson Truesdale
Martin C. Way
Job Wheeler
Noadiah Wheeler
Norton Wheeler
John Williams
Mrs. Wm. Williams?
Lucy Fitch
Charles Woodruff

Map of clock factory locations from Fred L. Martin, "Clockmakers of Vienna," in Vienna, Ohio, "Where We Live and Let Live": Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), p. 128.

Clock factory names & lists contributed by Rebecca Rogers, September 2017.