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Mathews Local School District

After the Vienna and Fowler School district consolidation in 1961, the newly formed school system was known as the Fowler-Vienna School District.  It was felt throughout the years that the newly combined district name caused separation between the two communities.

After the retirement of long time Fowler-Vienna School District superintendent, Andrew Cvercko, the new superintendent, Dr. James Medved, wanted to unify the students in both communities with a different name for the district.  In 1981 he presented a motion to change the district name.  The issue was brought before the student body and the decision was left to them.  The vote was unanimous to change the name.  The district would be called "Mathews Local School District," after the high school's name, which was so named after former respected teacher and citizen Ithel F. Mathews.

The graduates of 1982 were the final class of students with diplomas that read "Fowler-Vienna School District."

1982 was the final year that "Fowler-Vienna Local School District" was listed as the district on a graduate's diploma.
Image courtesy of John Ullom

The new name, "Mathews Local School District," took effect during the 1982-1983 school year.  Mathews High School student diplomas in 1983 reflected the name, "Mathews Local School District."  There was no mention of the district name change in the 1982-1983 Mathews High School yearbook.

Mathews Local School District still stands as the name of the district.  The official website for the district can be found here.

This article is adapted from "Identify the School, Unify the Communities." Vienna, Ohio, Where We Live and Let Live: Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), pp. 214-215..