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Board of Education

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Vienna Rural School District Board of Education (1915-1960)
Bavan, D. A.
Beachler, Louis
Brunswick, A. J.
Buckley, D. H.
Catchpole, E. A.
Catchpole, Fred
Colton, C. C.
Consider, Walter
Creed, Ivan
Crew, Era
Everett, Howard
Everett, W. F.
Francis, WIlliam
Governor, J. W.
Gutheil, H. H.
Guthrie, W. W.
Hayes, W. W.
Heaps, John
Higgs, J. L.
Humason, F. H.
Jones, A. E.
Jones, C. E.
Landis, E. P.
Leaming, Dr. J. H.
Mealy, N. A.
Morris, John M.
Munson, J. R.
Munson, W. C.
Pennell, P. P.
Reebel, John
Robinson, Harold
Shoff, Paul
Taiclet, John
Todd, H. L.
Waldorf, C. W.
Werden, C. M.

Fowler-Vienna School District
1961:  Genie Ulp (President), Dale Bartholomew, Maurice Clute, Rudy Schuller, Russell Jarvis; Gertrude Lewis (Clerk); Merke Hammack (Executive Head)