Listed on this page are entries describing natural and man-made landmarks and structures in Vienna Township. Entries may refer to former businesses housed in a given structure.

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Beulah Farms
Booster Field

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Chadwick Corners
Chadwick Post Office
Coal Miners’ School
Copper Penny Masonic Lodge
Cy’s Airport Inn

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Doud Cemetery
Dunlap Cemetery

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First Assembly of God Church
Fish and Game Club of Vienna

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Getsinger’s Archery Shop
Girard Lake
Grimm Manor and Happy Valley Cemetery

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Hawley Corners
Hayes Barber Shop

Hoffman Iron and Steel

Huffman’s Greenhouse
Hull House--SEE Temperance House

Humason Ford

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Lake Shook
Landis Barber Shop
Lay’s Five and Dime
Liberty and Vienna Railroad

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Mackey's Hotel--SEE Temperance House
Mahoning Coal Company Railroad
Mathews High School
McMaster, Hartson & Company
Medley’s Restaurant
Methodists’ Corners
Morris Lumber Company
Murray’s Corners

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Vienna Academy
Vienna Baptist Church
Vienna Centralized School
Vienna General Store and Meat Market
Vienna Grange No. 1537
Vienna Hardware
Vienna High School

Vienna Lumber Company
Vienna Methodist Church

Vienna Post Office
Vienna Presbyterian Church

Vienna Rake and Harrow Factory
Vienna Savings Bank
Vienna School Number 1 (Vienna Center)
Vienna School Number 2 (Chamberlain)
Vienna School Number 3 (Munson-Carey)
Vienna School Number 4 (Block)
Vienna School Number 5 (Vinton)
Vienna School Number 6 (Tyrrell Hill)
Vienna School Number 7 (Murray's Corners)
Vienna School Number 8 (Rogers)
Vienna School Number 9 (Chadwick Corners)
Vienna School Number 10 (Holliday)
Vienna Township Cemetery
Vienna Township Green
Vienna Township Hall
Vienna Township Police Department
Vienna Township Volunteer Fire Department
Vienna’s First Schoolhouse
Viets Motor Company

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Wartman’s Store
Williams Corners
Woodford's Corners

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Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport

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Zodiac Club