Deming, Phineas

Early Settler, Clockmaker, War of 1812 Veteran
Birth: 1755, Connecticut
Death: unknown

Military Service: Phineas Deming served as a private from August 24 to November 11, 1812, in Captain Asa Hutchins' Company, 3rd (Hayes') Regiment, Ohio, Militia, during the War of 1812. Capt. Hutchins' company contained many men from Vienna Township, including fellow clockmaker Lambert W. Lewis.[1]

Phineas Deming, likely in partnership with son-in-law, Thomas Lewis, manufactured wooden-work clocks in the Vienna Township clock industry between 1825 or 1827 and 1830. His place of business was located on a lot through which Little Yankee Creek ran, on Sodom-Hutchins (now Sodom-Hutchings) Road, approximately a mile and a half north of Woodford's Corners. He signed his clocks "P. Deming."

An early settler in Vienna, Deming purchased land in the Township in 1816. His business was financed through a $500 mortgage with clock peddler Thomas Lewis. The business employed six men between 1828 and 1830.  Though it was believed that they produced shelf clocks and tall clocks as Deming and Lewis, a clock with "Deming and Lewis" signed on a face have been identified.

Deming's career as a clock manufacturer mirrored in many respects those of other Vienna clockmakers. Over extension of credit through mortgages, reduced demand for clocks, and an economic depression in the early 1830s essentially ended the clockmaking "boom" in Vienna and Trumbull County.

Deming may have lost the business to Lewis, for he left the business in 1830, but he continued his trade until 1832. He left Vienna Township in 1834.  Only one signed clock by Phineas Deming is known. [2]

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Updated dates of clock factory operation contributed by Rebecca Rogers, September 2017.