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Burnette, Stephen A.

Farmer, Huckster, Engineer
Birth: August 19, 1858, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio

Published Biography
From Harriet Taylor Upton, A Twentieth Century History of Trumbull County, Ohio, A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, Its People, and Its Principal Interests (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1909), Volume 2, pp. 258-259:

STEPHEN A. BURNETTE, who is numbered among the thrifty farmers and stock raisers, of that goodly portion of Trumbull county, bounded by the limits of the subdivision known as Vienna township, was born August 19, 1858, just north from the village of Vienna Center, a son of Hiram and Martha (Ames) Burnette. He is one of the following children: Stephen A., of this memoir; Ralph N., residing at Orangeville, Ohio, a carpenter; Nettie, wife of Plumb Tyrrell, residing near Warren, farmers; Mary, wife of Franz Turner, residing at Brazil, Indiana, a miner by occupation; Ivan, on the old homestead; Ada, unmarried, residing with her father. The mother died in February, 1901. Of the Tyrrell family, there were three children—Menville, deceased; Plumb, residing near Warren; Jerusha, the wife of Mr. Burnette being the youngest.

Mr. Burnette attended school at Vienna township district schools. He remained at home practically all the time until he was married, then leased a farm in Vienna township for one year and continued as a land renter about six years. He then was an engineer in a coal mine of Trumbull county for about four years, after which he engaged in the huxter business, continuing in that about eight years, when he moved to his present farm, consisting of sixty-seven acres, upon which he does general farming. He and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. Mr. Burnette is a Republican, of the independent type—voting for the best man regardless of party lines. Among the local positions held may be named those of school director and supervisor.

He was married December 16, 1880, to Jerusha Tyrrell, born in Fowler township, May 15, 1863, a daughter of Amariah and Saphrona (Beecher) Tyrrell, who were married in 1851. Her mother was born in Vienna township and the father in Fowler township. The date of the father’s birth was July 29, 1832, and the mother was born June 29, 1832. The paternal grandfather, Manville Tyrrell, was also a native of Fowler township. His parents came from Connecticut and were early-day settlers, locating at Tyrrell Hill, Fowler township, and were farmers. The grandfather used to cut cord wood at a shilling a cord, but later became the owner of a large dairy farm, having purchased this after his marriage. He paid six dollars an acre. On this place he remained until his death in 1889.

Amariah Tyrrell having been married at the age of eighteen years, remained at home, two years after marriage then resided on a farm of his father’s for twelve years. He was also a teamster for some time, and rented a three hundred acre farm in Howland township, on which he lived for six years, then bought a farm of twelve acres and a half, in Vienna township, remaining there thirty-four years, his death occurring there, June 13, 1907, his wife dying January 19, 1898.

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