Letter, Vienna Soldiers' Aid Society to Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio, November 1861

Vienna [in red]
Mrs. B. Rouse,

Dear Madam,

The ladies of Vienna have organized themselves into an association for the purpose of aiding in the great and good work—that of providing supplies for the comfort and relief of those who have so nobly gone forth to maintain the honor of our “stars and stripes.”

The people of this township have contributed their–mites—and have sent away two boxes containing blankets, woolen wrappers and drawers and socks. Their estimated value being nearly two hundred dollars. The Ladies Aid Society now wish to furnish a box for the use of the hospitals and in behalf of that Society I wish to ask what articles are the most needed or what would be the most acceptable. We wish our labor to do as much good as possible—for no doubt our soldiers need all the help of all patriotic women of the north—and could you send us the required information either by letter or by sending us a circular we should be deeply indebted to you. We furthermore wish our Aid Society to be auxilliary [sic] with yours. Our Society was organized by choosing the following officers.

For President Mrs. Sarah J. Sanford
Vice “ Mrs. Newton Woodford
Secretary Miss Docia W. Squires
Treasurer Miss Lizzie Woodford
Committee of Arrangements,
Mrs Smith Scoville
Mrs Calvin Williams
Mrs Morrison Perkins
Miss Judson Griffis
Miss Hellen Betts

I ask pardon for trespassing so long upon your time and patience, and hope you will excuse the liberty to a stranger have taken in addressing you. With the best wishes a friend can wish for the success of your noble institution in Cleveland.

I remain yours truly,
Docia W Squires
By order of the President Secretary.

Nov. 26th 1861
Please send as convenient and direct, Box 15, Vienna, Ohio.

Mrs. Rouse—One question more. Is it so, that the Quartermaster takes blankets & other articles sent by Aid Societies to the soldiers, and sells them out to the soldiers and they pocket the money. I was prompted to ask this question by hearing at this moment of an instance where a lady took to the Quartermaster in Cleveland a lot of blankets and donated them to the soldiers, and he sold them, to them, for $2.50 a peice [sic] and pocketed the money. I hope this is untrue. Please inform us.

Yours &c.

At top: “Wrote Mar. 30”
On back: [ ] 26th /can’t find a list / 1861

Transcription from original letter, United States Sanitary Commission, Cleveland Branch (Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio) Records, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio.