Letter, Vienna Soldiers' Aid Society to Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio, Cleveland, December 3, 1862

Vienna, Ohio, Dec. 3, 62

Miss M. C. Brayton,

We forward to you another small box of hospital supplies containing the following articles 25 yds bandages, 1 pr mittens, 2 shirts, 10 prs. drawers, 1 pr pillow cases, 4 quilts.

We hope to be able to send more things then [sic] we have done. When your last letter came we were out of funds and about out of work. We send this week the remainder of our cotton goods, last week we held a festival and have some money on hand now, we would be glad to have you inform us what is most needed and if we shall buy flannel for drawers & shirts.

When I wrote before I mentioned those discourageing [sic] stories because we have so little to send, and I wished you to know the reason. There are a few who are not discouraged and are willing to do all in their power to help in this cause. There are only ten ladies out this afternoon and you can judge how much we can accomplish. Although we are willing to do all in our power. Hoping you will receive all our small donations.

I remain
Laura Woodford Sec.

Transcription from original letter, United States Sanitary Commission, Cleveland Branch (Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio) Records, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio.