Letter, Vienna Soldiers' Aid Society to Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio, Cleveland, April 23, 1862

Vienna, Apr 23rd 1862

Mrs B Rouse,

Again we trouble you with another box of hospital stores what a few of us ladies prepared this afternoon and thought it better to send them now than now to wait for more even if the box was small. Your letter of advice came to [sic] late about the chickens—we had prepared and sent them off and we are anxious to hear what state they were in when they reached you. I do not know why they could not keep. Please tell us how large those “pad-cushions” ought be made.

If the articles we send are not right please inform us and greatly oblige us. If not too much trouble will you not inform us about the chickens also and if you receive this solitary box and oblige us,

Docia W. Squires,
Sarah J. Sanford, Pres.

Transcription from original letter, United States Sanitary Commission, Cleveland Branch (Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio) Records, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio.