Letter, Vienna Soldiers' Aid Society to Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio, Cleveland, April 16, 1862

Vienna, April 16th, [1862] 11 o’clock, P.M.

Mrs. B. Rouse,

Dear Madam,

Our soldiers Aid Society met to day and I will now give you the pr[o]ceeds of our days’ work as we intend sending them tomorrow morning. We have been very busy indeed to day and for no object less worthy than the relief and comfort of our sick and wounded soldiers could we have been induced to labor as we have this day and evening. It was the intention to have canned chickens to day (and we have them ready to can) but were sadly disapointed [sic] in procuring suitable cans and therefore defer it until to-morrow. Perhaps they will not reach you for a day or two but they will come. Look out for them if we do not write you by mail respecting them. Did you receive a “box” from Vienna last Friday? The contents in “the boxes” which we have prepared to day are as follows:

In “box” No 1 you will find—
20 lbs Maple-Sugar
9 lbs Dried-Elderberries
1 Can Maple-Molasses
5 lbs Dried Peaches
21 lbs Dried Currants
10 lbs Dried-Beef
Also a small bag of dried plums, cherries, Raspberries & Strawberries.

Box No. 2nd
2 Pced-quilts
14 Pillows
34 Pillow-cases
12 Sheets
100 Linen Towels
5 Shirts (half worn)
6 Boxes Lint
540 Yds Bandages
2 Prs Socks
Also some pieces cotton.

What think you of our days [sic] work in a small town?

3rd 1 bbl. Dried Apples 80 lbs.

Please write us whether you receive “our boxes” or not and tell us if gratefully received, and if the contents are what they should be. It will tend to encourage us perhaps. Our society earnestly hope that may do all the good possible not because it cost no labor to send them but because we think that “our soldiers” need them.

Respectfully submitted,
Docia W. Squires,

Mrs. S. J. Sanford,

[in pencil] Soldier’s Aid Society,
Vienna, Ohio

Mrs. Rouse—Again we were disappointed in sending our boxes this morning and now have our boxes of Concentrated Chicken ready nicely soddered up and in good order. Therefore our box No. 4 contains—

79 cans of Concentrated Chicken
1 can of Apple Butter

[on back] [missing line]
All of them we have We have to send them 9 miles to the cars and it s a very busy time just now. But we have just got word that they will go.

Docia W. Squires

Transcription from original letter, United States Sanitary Commission, Cleveland Branch (Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio) Records, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio.