Letter, Vienna Soldiers' Aid Society to Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio, Cleveland, April 10, 1862

Mrs. B. Rouse
Pres't Soldiers Aid Society, Cleveland

Dear Madam:

After so long a time we have prepared a small box of hospital stores for our sick and suffering soldiers. We fear that the articles are not such as they should be, but we made them best we could according to our ability and knowledge and most humbly ask you to accept of them, hoping that they may do some good where they are needed. The shirts were made before we had any directions and if too small, do not censure us too hardly as we knew not what size to make them. We have rolled some bandages and picked some lint. Have we done them correctly?

Miss Sanford (our president) received a letter from your secretary a few days ago reminding us as she said that you were still in the field and glad to receive subscriptions from any. You err greatly if you think we have forgotten our soldiers on the tented field as in the crowded hospital.

We owe you an apology for our inactivity in doing for them, and which is this:--There has been so much sickness and so many deaths in our usual quiet town the past winter that it has been almost impossible to do aught for benevolence out of our own limits.

Our Society meets at private houses and there could not be found places to meet where there was not sickness in the family. Part of the community is discouraged thinking that we have done considerable and that we should not be weary in well doing and I know I speak the determination of the Society when I say "we will do all we can."

If this box is acceptable, please inform us and also of the "articles" most needed at present. We intend sending some "Concentrated Chicken" soon as possible.

Yours loyally,

Docia W. Squires,


By order of the President.
S. J. Sanford

Vienna, Ohio,
April 10th, 1862

Enclosed you will find a list of the articles in our box.

Transcription from original letter, United States Sanitary Commission, Cleveland Branch (Soldiers' Aid Society of Northern Ohio) Records, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio.