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Paynes Corners Christian Church

Paynes Corners Christian Church was formed as the Disciple Church in 1858, after gospel meetings were held in the one-room schoolhouse still standing (2014) at the site of the church building on the southeast corner of Warner and Warren-Sharon roads.

The church was founded by T. Miller, Mathias Christy, and James Bradley.

The land upon which the church building stands was purchased by Sylvester Merriam and deeded to the members by Alfred and Sabra Andrews Wheeler on October 1, 1858. The building contract of $720 was given to John Groves of Brookfield. The final cost of construction was $1,000.

The church building was first heated by two coal stoves. In 1923, the Ladies' Aid Society raised funds to remove the two stoves and chimney and to install a new coal furnace underneath the building. A basement and stairway was added in 1945. Elmer Brunswick of Vienna wired the building for electricity, ending the use of kerosene.

Charter Members

Eliza and Sylvia Alderman
Mary Alderman
Mary E. Merriam wife of Guy Amy
John Andrews

Mrs. Nelson Baldwin
James Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. William Burton

Jane, Eliza, Catherine, and Mary Ann Cauffield
Mr. and Mrs. John Cauffield
Mathias Christy and wife Jane McMullin
Lester Clark
Lewis Clark

Mary Ackley Forward wife of Chauncey

Martha Grosscase
Mary Ann Groves
Mr. and Mrs. William Groves

Robert Hutson and wife Phoebe Williams Pope

Henry Lane

Eliza Alderman wife of Lester Mervin
Norris Mervin and wife Julia Patterson
James Miner and wife Alcina Vinton
Stanley Hill and wife Matilda Musser

Daniel Patterson and wife Fannie Flower

I. B. Payne
Polly Gates, wife of Solomon Payne

Julia Robb

Mr. and Mrs. Scoville
Rachel Spencer
James Struble and wife Nancy Smith Mary Ann Struble
Sabra Andrews wife of Alfred Wheeler

This article is adapted from Fred L. Martin, "Places of Worship," in Vienna, Ohio, Where We Live and Let Live: Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), pp. 150-151.