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Stuck in Ohio

Stuck in Ohio is a video production company based on a 300 acre farm in Vienna, Ohio.  It was started by 2 brothers, Ken and Dan Mizicko, in 2003.  From it's inception, the company's purpose was to promote outdoor sports and activities within Ohio and the Midwest through their visuals.

Too often you hear "that's not possible, you can't do that in Ohio" and Stuck in Ohio has chosen to make it their mission to shoot down that stigma.  With a solid history in the outdoor sports genre for over 2 decades, the brand's outlook has always been to enhance Ohio's image by promoting outdoor recreation, on both a local, and national level.

The name, Stuck in Ohio, is meant to empower those who refuse to be limited by their own surroundings and circumstance, and to motivate those whose narrow mindedness may have caused disdain for their current environment.

As an award winning and nationally recognized video company, they have worked on numerous video projects for brands such as NBC Sports, Garmin, Nike, Fiat, Red Bull, Honda, Mountain Dew, Under Armour, Burton Snowboards, And Rockstar Energy.

They may be stuck in Ohio, but they are loving every second of it.  For more information visit their website.

Contributed by Ken Mizicko, Stuck in Ohio.