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Alderman, Timothy, Jr., and Ruth Hart
Antique Tractor Club of Trumbull County

Mathews Local School District
Mathews Music Boosters
Mathews Parent Teacher Organization
Mathews, Ithel F.
McCartney, James
McClurg, John M.
McClurg, William Henry
McCoy, Amasa A.
McMaster, Hartson & Company
McMaster, John C.
Medley, Hiram
Medley’s Restaurant
Memories of Neal Junior High and Middle School
Merrell, Ansel
Merrell, Elijah Tompkins
Merwin, Leland A.
Messersmith, Ransom
Methodists’ Corners
Mexican War Soldiers and Veterans
Miller, Charles E.
Miller, William W.
Mills, Alucius W.
Moore, Ashley
Morris Lumber Company
Moser, Charles E.
Moser, Lemuel
Mowry, Shaffer
Munson, Calvin, and Sarah Hungerford
Munson, Charles
Munson, William C.
Murray’s Corners

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Natural Gas
New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad
Nolan, James C.
Norling, John H.
Norton, E. M.

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Ohio Historical Markers
Ohio Tax Record for Vienna Township, 1826
Oil Pipelines
Overmire, William H.
Overseers of the Poor

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Palmer, Dennis Clark, and Phebe Edwards
Palmer’s Theology, or Book of Visions, by Dennis C. Palmer (1828)
Parker, Smith
Patten, Hiram
Payne, Ichabod B.
Payne’s Corners
Payne's Corners Post Office
Paynes Corners Christian Church
Peigowski, Steve
Perkins, Addison
Perkins, Jehiel, and Sarah Scovill
Pierson, C. A.
Pleasant Valley Lake
Pound, Glenn L.

Pound, Henry E.
Pound, Jacob W.
Pound, Noah H.
Powell, Dwight W.
Powers, Albert I.
Pruden, Stephen

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Queen of Holy Rosary Chapel

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Railroad War of 1873
Ralston, Samuel
Raub, Samuel K.
Reed, Sophronia Clinton
Resident Proprietors in Vienna Township, 1804
Robbins, Thomas
Rogers, Buffin
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Loren
Rogers, Zachariah
Roll of Captain Asa Hutchins’ Company
Roman Catholic Church in Vienna
Root, Ephraim
Royal Templars of Temperance
Rust, Aloney

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Saunders, James P.
Saunders, William D.
Schieffer, Earl D.
Scott, Jefferson
Scovil, Seldon, Jr.
Scovill, Asa Elmer
Scovill, Lucius H.
Scovill, Wilber C.
Scoville, Amasa, and Esther Merrill
Scoville, Austin Warren
Scoville, Bennett
Scoville, George Washington
Scoville, Horace Bassett
Scoville, Septimus C.
Sheldon, Hiram
Shoff, Irvin K.
Shoff’s Dance Hall
Smith Market
Smith, John M.
Smith’s Five and Dime
Snyder, Thomas C.

Vienna High School--see Vienna Centralized School
Vienna High School, T.I.A. Girls’ Basketball, Trumbull County, 1937
Vienna Home Day
Vienna Little League
Vienna Lumber Company
Vienna-Mathews Alumni Association
Vienna Memorial Day Association
Vienna Methodist Church
Vienna Post Office
Vienna Presbyterian Church
Vienna Rake and Harrow Factory
Vienna Savings Bank
Vienna School Number 1 (Vienna Center)
Vienna School Number 2 (Chamberlain)
Vienna School Number 3 (Munson-Carey)
Vienna School Number 4 (Block)
Vienna School Number 5 (Vinton)
Vienna School Number 6 (Tyrrell Hill)
Vienna School Number 7 (Murray’s Corners)
Vienna School Number 8 (Rogers)
Vienna School Number 9 (Chadwick Corners)
Vienna School Number 10 (Holliday)
Vienna Soldiers’ Aid Society
Vienna Temperance Association
Vienna Township Cemetery
Vienna Township Fiscal Officers (Township Clerks)
Vienna Township Green
Vienna Township Hall
Youngstown Air Reserve Station