Census of 1940

The Federal Census of 1940 contains schedules for Vienna Township, Trumbull County, Ohio. The population of the Township in 1940 was 1659. The population of Ohio was 6,907,612. The total population of the United States in 1940 was 132,122,446.

The United States Constitution requires that a population census be undertaken every ten years to determine the appropriation of seats in the United States House of Representatives and for the collection of taxes. The United States was the first nation to legislate a regularly held census.

The Census of 1940 included a national census of housing "to provide information concerning the number, characteristics (including utilities and equipment), and geographic distribution of dwelling structures and dwelling units in the United States". Due to the late (August 1939) authorization of this census by the United States Congress, the housing census of 1940 was taken separately from the population census, although both were collected at the same time.

Several questions in the Census of 1940 reflected the problems faced by the American people because of and during the Great Depression. The housing census was created to ascertain the conditions of the nation's housing stock, for example. Other questions covered unemployment, internal migration, and income.

The 1940 Census was the sixteenth census taken in the United States and was recorded the population as of April 1, 1940.

The Census in Vienna
Vienna resident Mary Murphy Otte was the Census enumerator and recorded each and every entry. Her son, Phil Otte, reported that she did not have an automobile! (Vienna Historical Society meeting, April 24, 2012.)

The Township's census is available as PDF files (separated into five files due to file size limits). For your convenience (we hope), we have compiled a key, listing each family name by page.

You may also find the Township's census via The National Archives and Records Administration's website. The enumeration district number is 78-85.

Census of 1940 Pages 1A-5B.pdf

Page 1A: King-Graves Road: Baer, Delich, Galayda, Kopervac, Miller, Sallman, Scott, Stanko

Page 1B: Blank

Page 2A: King-Graves Road: Dyson, Gilgour, Gombos, Goodhart, McCullough, McGrew, Mohart, Nelson, Oaks, Trupe, Wilson

Page 2B: Warner Road: Beach, Berick, Demshuch, Dingledy, Majesic, Mikuln, Patrick, Peters, Slugacic, Thomas, White, Wollnick

Page 3A: Warner Road: Budanko,Dzapo,Hendricks,Kay, Mackey, Nedrick, Patrick, Pelau, Phillips, Savo, Schuller, Slemenda, Ulp

Page 3B: Warner Road: Beachler, Foster, Gottmier, Hickox, Kennedy, Lemon, Lucs, MacBobby, Miller, Moorhead, Porter, Poto, Schuller, Spitznagle, Stewart, Wick, Williams

Page 4A: Smith-Stewart and Hood-Crew Roads: Davis, Fodor, Goist, Johnson, Kupsensky, McCarthy, Mcmahan, Nellendorf, Polmurski

Page 4B: Belmont Avenue: Beach, Booth, Edwards, Gibson, Harris, Holmes, McClure, Mealy, Nolan, Reebel, Shaw

Page 5A: Belmont Avenue: Booth, Burkholder, Cihou, Consider, Moore, Truhan, Zimmer

Page 5B: Niles-Vienna Road: Aubel, Bishop, DeRubba, Heller, Lilly, Rischka, Schuller, Seem, Smith, Stevens

Census of 1940 Pages 6A-10B.pdf

Page 6A: Niles-Vienna Road: Atwood, Baker, Barnes, Bukovac, Haynie, Lavin, Mateyko, Muckridge, Terlecky

Page 6B: Scoville-North Road: Cramer, McCoy, Munson, Natt(?), Over, Terlesky, Turliskey, Yancek

Page 7A: Scoville-North and Warren-Sharon Roads: Bartholomew, Borko, Fenton, File, Garringer, Husted, Johnson, Kalman, Kelley, Rocco, Stauffer, Swager, Whightsil

Page 7B: Warren-Sharon and Ridge Roads: Anderson, Beebe, Boyer, Bucy, Coste, Davis, Ferry, Focht, Gotshall, Hanley, Homs, Roderick, Saunders, Solomes, Tomlinson, Vaclav, White, Yonairtuch(?)

Page 8A: Ridge Road: Beachler, Green, Hluchabank, King, Mackey, Marshall, Morris, Tornese, Walsh

Page 8B: No road listed: Bidding, Combs, Crepage, Donald, Dunlap, Fobes, Hoover, Mackey, Russell, Tidd, Williams, Yaletshko

Page 9A: Warren-Sharon Road: Aiken, Beach, Catchpole, Dobkins, Hanley, Holanbaugh, Hollenbaugh, Onstott, Scott, Stalnaker, Tidd, Walker

Page 9B: Warren-Sharon Road: Bake, Beach, Catchpole, Clements, Davies, Gates, Jackson, Joseph, Nellis, Reibe, Spitler, Tidd, Young

Page 10A: Warren-Sharon and Niles-Vienna Road: Clower, Foley, Hoffman, Kelley, Knauff, McMaster, Michael, Morse, Patterson, Robinson, Scott, Thomas, Wilson

Page 10B: Niles-Vienna Road: Berenscgar, Boyd, Brooks, Everett, Harford, King, Miller, Szakacs, Tidd, Whitten, Williams

Census of 1940 Pages 11A-15B.pdf

Page 11A: Niles-Vienna and Warren-Sharon Road: Berger, Booth, Combs, Crew, Hawkins, Haynie, Hillman, Huffman, McCormick, Nagy, Norton

Page 11B: Warren-Sharon Road: Andrews, Bettcher, Conover, Creed, Cutler, Landis, Leaming, McNary, Phillips, Rabold, Scott, Stevens, Stranahan, Walls

Page 12A: Warren-Sharon Road: Buckley, Burnett, Burns, Butcher, Cain, Crouser, Daugherty, Frank, Hockman, Huffman, Hurd, Ressler, Thomas, Lowry, Meek, Oeffner, Poppino, Stein, Viets, Winfield

Page 12B: Warren-Sharon Road: Bohack, Boone, Burkett, Drumm, Ford, Gaffney, Garrard, Gauhn, Goforth, Hayes, Lamb, Rastetter, Scott, Stalnaker, Ward

Page 13A: Warren-Sharon Road: Bevan, Campbell, Cline, Garrard, Hull, Jarmen, Johnson, Luca, Naypayer, Pennell, Swisshelm, Wilson

Page 13B: Warren-Sharon Road: Barbour, Clark, Cook, Goodworth, Grosbeck, Hake, Jarman, Lathrop, McQuaid, Markovich, Pinerton, Redmond, Tidd

Page 14A: Warren-Sharon Road: Bigler, Deneen, Gray, Hake, Hawley, James, Landis, McKelvy, McKenzie, Redkin, Smith

Page 14B: Warren-Sharon Road: Arnal, Basara, Catchpole, Dray, Kirkwood, Landis, Nyako, Podstauski, Scott, Wilcox, Zydyk

Page 15A: Warren-Sharon Road: Beach, Champlin, Curry, Davis, Goncz, Haller, Osborne, Rogas, Tessmer, Vestal

Page 15B: Youngstown-Kingsville Road: Bortmas, Collins, Hegeducih, Jones, Krause, Leet, Parkhurst, Pennell, Smith, Smontara

Census of 1940 Pages 16A-20B.pdf

Page 16A: Youngstown-Kingsville Road: Billig, Bradberry, Brown, Cone, Daubenmire, Kennedy, Kennett, Kollar, Laclair, Pershin, Peterson, Scott, Stringer, Waterman

Page 16B: Youngstown-Kingsville Road: Cassady, Cunningham, Garman, Kanotz, Shoff, Smith, Stringer, Thomas, Zents

Page 17A: Youngstown-Kingsville Road: Dray, Hayes, Hood, Hull, Lathrop, McKenzie, Redfoot, Rider, Rosenberger, Scoville, Shoff, Superak, Thompson

Page 17B: Youngstown-Kingsville Road: Griffis, Harris, Hartman, Hayes, Huffman, Hull, Lathrop, Miller, Nowling, Pheubus, Reihl, Scott, Scoville, Smith, Wellman, Wilson

Page 18A: Youngstown-Kingsville Road: Boyd, Bunch, Catchpole, Gray, Hall, Higgs, Lane, McDermott, Meek, Moore, Polta, Pound, Scott, Smith, Watson

Page 18B: Youngstown-Kingsville Road: Anderson, Black, Cole, Craft, Crew, Curdy, Governor, Gray, Hall, Hofert, Hoffman, Howden, McGinnis, Mathews, Squires, Wess, White

Page 19A: Youngstown-Kingsville Road: Berndt, Butler, Davis, Fleming, Garlach, Lawrence, Seley, Sheridan, Skinner, Starr, Studer, Webb, Woodford

Page 19B: Youngstown-Kingsville and Sodom-Hutchings Road: Bower, Durig, Everett, Fowler, Hillkirk, Hull, Leiby, Mesmer, Mizicko, Putkovich, Scoville, Waldorf

Page 20A: Sodom-Hutchings Road: Bertleff, Crevar, Curry, Fleischer, Jennings, Kerntzer, Miller, Parvin, Safar, Taiclett, Watson, Werden

Page 20B: Sodom-Hutchings Road: Baugher, Burns, Graft, Jennings, Lewis, Perkins, Rice, Seaburn, Taiclet, Upham, Wilson

Census of 1940 Pages 21A-22B and 61A-B.pdf

Page 21A: Sodom-Hutchings Road: Beachler, Brunswick, Clouser, Cook, Gilliland, Heaps, Mapes, Spies, Voss, Wannamaker

Page 21B: Sodom-Hutchings Road: Bahr, Bartholomew, Beachler, Brunswick, Gibson, Hull, Otte, Williams

Page 22A: Sodom-Hutchings Road: Chapman, Getling, Gibson, Kupensky, Lillard, White

Page 22B: Smith-Stewart Road: Bartholomew, Beil, Dairson, Daras, Foley, Green, Guthrie, Hopkinson, Shaffer, Szeles, Tidd, Turner

Page 61A: Additional: Beach, Burns, Cook, Huffman, Schuller, Turner


Magnification of Vienna section of Census of 1940 map.

For More Information
"1940 Overview." United States Census Bureau, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC.
"Instructions to Enumerators." Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

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