Census of 1830

The Federal Census of 1830 contains schedules for Vienna Township, Trumbull County, Ohio. The population of the Township in 1830 was 910. The population of Ohio was 937,903. The total population of the United States in 1830 was 12,866,020. Of this number 2,009,043 were enslaved.

The United States Constitution requires that a population census be undertaken every ten years to determine the appropriation of seats in the United States House of Representatives and for the collection of taxes. The United States was the first nation to legislate a regularly held census. This fifth census taken in the United States recorded the population as June 1, 1830.

Enumerators of the 1830 Federal Census were required to use for the first time in the Census's history printed schedules. The enumerators collected the following information:
  • name of head of household;
  • number of free white males and females in age categories 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-80, 80-90, 90-100, 100 and older;
  • name of slave owner and number of slaves owned by that person
  • number of male and female slaves and free "colored" persons in age categories;
  • number of foreigners (not naturalized as U.S. citizens) in a household;
  • number of deaf, dumb, and blind persons in a household; and
  • town or district and county of residence.

Vienna Township, 1830

For More Information

"1830 Overview." United States Census Bureau, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC.

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