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Animal Pound

Vienna Township maintained a pound for stray animals throughout the nineteenth century. The pound was an open lot located on the west side of Vienna Presbyterian Church parsonage, facing Youngstown-Kingsville Road (State Route 193). The Township Trustees leased this land from the Presbyterian Church. The lease was renewed as late as 1890 for at an annual rate of $3.00 over a ten-year term.

The Township clerk was in charge of advertising found strays. This handwritten notice is found in the Vienna Township historical records:

Stray mare & colt
Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber on or about the first of October, a sorrel mare with a stripe in the face. The colt is also a sorrel & a wide stripe in the face with white hind legs up to the ham joints & is a horse colt. The mare is a good size, is supposed to be about nine years old.
Vienna, October 11, 1838

Abell Truesdall
Unclaimed animals were subject to public auction, advertised by the Township clerk.

Updated 8/13/2020

This article is based on Carley Cooper O'Neill, "Government," in Vienna, Ohio, "Where We Live and Let Live": Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), pp. 100-101.