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Viennapedia contains several types of entries. We strive to offer complete entries--i.e., essays that cover topics in their entirety. The following types are based on historical evidence and are fact-checked for accuracy and objectivity:

Biographies: These entries tell the life stories of Vienna residents no longer living.

Business Histories: These entries chronicle the establishment, purpose, and history of businesses in Vienna. Viennapedia does not include entries on current businesses.

Landmark/Place Histories: These entries chronicle the buildings, monuments, landscapes, and sites, past and present, that reveal the Township's history.

Oral and Family Histories: These entries are the first-person accounts of Vienna residents, living and dead.

Organization Histories: These entries offer concise descriptions of churches, government, and community and school clubs and civic organizations in the Township.

Topical Essays: These entries cover events and historical eras, social, political, and cultural trends and movements, and other phenomena that helped to shape Vienna Township.

Primary Sources: These entries offer digital images of original historical records (censuses, tax lists, wills, newspaper articles, photographs, etc.).

Please know that this project is also geared to schoolchildren and researchers. All contributions will be fact-checked and edited. We will contact you in this case.

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